Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bottom Dollar Food Store 08/22/09

I don't know how many people are familiar with the Bottom Dollar Food Store here in Mooresville, NC but they also have several other locations throughout North Carolina and Virginia. The Bottom Dollar Food store is owned by Food Lion but the difference between this store and shopping at Food Lion is the way the store is set-up. First off, You have to bring your own bags to bag your groceries or pick-up an empty box as soon as you enter the store to be able to put your groceries in at the end just like you would do at Sam's Club. Another difference is that Bottom Dollar Food Store doesn't spend a lot of money on having fancy displays in the store or a lot of advertising in the community thus it cuts down on overhead & advertising costs which they are able to pass those savings onto the consumers with having better deals. Also, they accept manufacturing coupons too!

I usually shop at Bottom Dollar to purchase my basic staple items such as Meats, beverages, fruit & vegetables because so far, I haven't found a place that has really offered better deals on my staple items. This is my purchase for today from them and this pretty much rounds up my grocery shopping for the week now.

This is what I purchased today for a total of $16.62 OOP.

4 two liter Cokes @ $0.83 each
Food Lion shredded cheese @ $1.77
Food Lion popcorn @ $1.98
2 Center cut sliced Ham on Sale for $1.77/lb. Total for two $5.09
Bananas @ $0.54
1 Five pound bag of Potatoes @ $2.99

Total spent on groceries this week $35.63

Average Saving on groceries for the week 74%


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