Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Food Lion Deals 08/18 - 08/25

So far, I have not found many Food Lion deals this week that would make me jump up & down with excitement but they do have a couple noticeables.

Prina Alpo Dog Food 17.6 lb Bag Sale 10.99 B1F1G ($5.49 each)
Printable Coupon (3.50) **click on link to download great savings, take the quiz using your dog in mind to get your coupon, can print twice**
Total $1.99 per bag

Eggo Pancakes Sale $2.99 B1G1F (limit 2 free)
08/02 Kellogg Fuel for school insert ($1.00/2)
Total $1.99 for 2 ($0.99 each)

Chiquta Sliced Apple Bits 14 oz. Sale 3.99 B1G1F ($1.99 each)
Guiding Star FLIP (1.00) **can only use one of these GS FLIP per transaction**
Total $0.99 per bag

Food Lion Brand Ceral Sale $1.89
Food Lion Ceral FLIP (1.00)
Total $0.89 per box

Healthy Accents Toothbrush Sale $1.00
Healthy Accents FLIP (1.00)
Total Freebie

Nature's Organic Vegetable $1.38
FLIP for Nature's Organic (1.00)
Total $0.38 for a can of Green Beans, Corn, Etc.

Farm Rich Products $6.99 B1G1F ($3.50 each)
Printable Coupon (0.75)
Total $2.75 *Not free but not a bad price either*


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