Thursday, August 27, 2009

How I get my Grocery Bill down to $50 a Week

Thanks everyone for visiting my Blog! I have had many people ask questions about how do I keep my grocery bill down to $50 a week. I would love to help everyone out with how I do this!

The first most important thing in Couponing to me, at least, is to be able to start collecting coupons. I usually have a Sunday newspaper delivered to my house, but depending if there is a lot of coupons that I see in there that I know that I would use, I would go to the store and buy at least one more newspaper to get the Coupons. I also have great family and neighbors that will swap coupons if I need something or if they might need another coupon in return.

On more ways to get Coupons, READ HERE on my discussion of coupons

That is Step #1 to me.

From there, I really watch the weekly sales circular to match them up with my coupons. If I find certain items that are close to free or free & it is something that my family will use, I will try to stockpile the most I can that week depending on the amount of coupons that I have. For example, my kids eat pop-tarts and Eggos like they are going out of style. So I will usually purchase 20 plus Qs from Ebay so when I see a great sale where I can get them for free, I will stock up like crazy on them. By stockpiling items such as that during sales, the only thing you will have to buy during your normal grocery trips is other stockpiling deals, necessity items such as Milk, bread, eggs, and items that you would use for Dinners.

Another great tip on Dinner meats, I don't know where you normally go Grocery shopping at, but I have a Bottom Dollar Store here in Mooresville which is a subsidiary company of Food Lion without all the bells & Whistles of advertising. Thus it makes the prices there a lot cheaper and they have the items you would normally purchase at a Food Lion. I will typically buy my meat there if it is on a great deal. I also have a deep freezer where I can buy extra meat if it is too great to pass up. For example this week, Bottom Dollar is having a sale on their Frozen Turkey Breast $0.97/lb. That is a GREAT DEAL on turkey so I will probably purchase at least three of them, put them in the freezer for a later dinner.

After awhile of doing things such as the above, my grocery trips average monthly to $50/week. Some weeks I might only spend $30 and the following week I might spend $70 but in all, it averages out the same. The biggest tip I can offer about stockpiling is to get items that you normally use when they are at rock bottom prices, get as much as you can so you never have to pay full price for it and then you only have to buy necessities when you need it.

I will be posting all my grocery deals that I do on Weds. & Thurs. on my blog so everyone can see what I bought, where I got the coupons and overall how much I have spent on my groceries so YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Please feel free at anytime to post comments, share you savings/grocery trips with everyone on here, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Over the years with me saving my family so much money on groceries and household products, I am extremely happy to share my saving tips & ways with you.


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