Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to get Name Brand Baby Formula cheap!

After having three kids, I have found many, many ways to buy Name Brand baby formula for a great price. You ask how? I will tell you!

First, Sign up with as many baby formula manufacturers as you can because not only will they send free samples of their formula, but coupons and most importantly Formula checks (Which is a coupon but in a different manner).

  • Enfamil - up to $60 in formula checks (coupons) and samples, free diaper bag

  • Similac - formula checks, free diaper bag

  • Nestle Good Start - formula checks

Every month or so, Enfamil and Simliac will go on sale at many retailers for typically around $20.99 per can. Using these great formula checks (that range from $1 to $11) plus you CAN also use a manufacturer coupon in the same transaction on the formula to get your cost down lower.

Example on Nestle Good Start that my own Son uses:

  • Cost at Food Lion for 24 oz. Can of Nestle Good Start Formula: $26.79

  • Less coupons:

  • $3 off NGS Food Lion Printable

  • $4 off Manufacturer Coupon

  • $11 Nestle Good Start Formula Check

  • Total OOP: $8.79

The same applies for other stores such as Wal-Mart and Target with being able to combine formula checks and manufacturer coupons.

Another useful tip when it comes to Baby Formula and formula checks. Make sure you sign up not only yourself, but your neighbors, friends, and family so they too will receive these coupons also.

End Result: Having my PIC (partner in Couponing) happy that he has food and a mommy that is ecstatic on getting formula at a GREAT PRICE!


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