Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lowes Foods Rewards Program

As everyone knows from reading my blog, I am a huge fan of shopping at Lowes Foods for finding bargains & deals. I had a reader comment recently on my blog that she was interested in how the new Fresh Rewards program works. Anybody that is new to Lowes Foods will want to read this!

Lowes Foods is having all their customers trade in their old loyalty store cards and receive a new one called Fresh Rewards. It works in the same manner where you give the cashier your card to scan upon checking out to receive the sale prices, BUT they also have started a new program where you purchase certain items that they have advertised in the weekly flyer to receive a money coupon to be used on your next purchase (Fresh Rewards). For example, this week Lowes Foods is offering $2 in Fresh Rewards when you purchase any 5 participating Birds Eye products at 5 for $10.00. The best way to take advantage of these type of deals is to match them up with as many coupons as possible to lower your Out-of-Pocket expense and still receive your Fresh Rewards amount. The register automatically keeps track of your Fresh Reward dollars for you and when you have earned enough to go over the $5 threshold, they will give you a $5 FR coupon to be used on your next order (Note, they only give the Fresh Rewards coupons in $5 increments). So far in the past couple of weeks since starting this new program, I have tried my best to match these FR deals up with my coupons so I have little OOP and yet still earn money off towards my next order. I will try to post every Wednesday along with my Lowes Foods Deals how to best achieve the Fresh Rewards deals also. So far though, I have been really impressed with this new program for helping customers save off the next order. I hope by seeing blog posts about these deals and seeing my actual purchases will help everyone see how they work and how best to achieve the most with your money.


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