Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sorry for being Missing in Action for so Long...

Between my children getting sick and myself & now my poor husband is not feeling well, I have been sort of busy. Let me apologize to you for not posting many deals in the previous weeks. I have been wanting to get back on my blog to start posting as much as I could however I wanted to make sure that my kids were back into the school routine and feeling well before doing so.

I hope everyone is doing well and finding tons of deals lately. With the holiday season fast approaching, there is deals everywhere! I was enjoying spending time with my family over this past weekend and my little one, Blake, who is about to turn 7 months old was having a blast with toys. I wanted to share this funny video that I took of him having belly laughs over just seeing his plastic keys being dropped. Too Cute! (I tried to load the video directly onto my blog however the video must be too big for it so I had to link the video up with YouTube to share)

Click Here to view Video at You Tube


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