Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great Survey Sites to Join

After being introduced into Survey sites by my good neighbor, Samantha, I have found several sites that are awesome at paying and also great sites to be a product tester.

Mindfield (ytd earnings $71 since joining in June)

Survey Savvy (ytd earnings $11)

Opinion Outpost (ytd earnings $55.50)

Global Opinion Matters (ytd earnings $40 plus numerous product testers)

Swagbucks This is an awesome search engine where you earn "swag bucks" for searching the net. I usually do a couple of searches in the morning to get a swagbuck/swagbucks and then another couple of searches in the evenings. When you accumulate 45 Swagbucks, then you can turn them into a $5 Amazon Code. So far since joining Swagbucks several months ago, I haved earned $35.00. It is a great site to make quick cash!


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