Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lowes Foods 08/18 - 08/25

Here are the BEST deals that I can see so far from the Lowes Food circular that I just received.

All Detergent Sale $3.99
Coupon 08/02 RP (1.00)
Total $2.99

Welch Jelly Sale $2.00
Printable Q for .75 cents that doubles at Lowes Foods (1.50) **Got to Coupons.com an you might need to enter zip code 85031 which you put in at the upper left hand corner to find the Q**
Total $0.50

Chex Ceral Sale $2.00
Coupon 07/19 SS (1.00) off 2 boxes
Total $3.00 for two boxes ($1.50 each)

Pillsbury Grands Jr. Sale $1.00
Coupon 07/12 SS for 0.35 cents doubled (0.70)
Total $0.30 each

Hormel Complete Sale $2.00
Coupon 07/12 SS for 0.75 cents doubled (1.50)
Total $0.50 each

Tony's Pizza sale $1.00
Coupon 06/07 SS for 0.50 cents doubled (1.00)
Total $freebie

Lowes Foods Apple Juice Sale $0.68 with E-Coupon offered thru Lowes Foods Online (limit 2)

Free school supplies plus some overage with E-coupons
Academix Rubberbands Sale 0.42 (ecoupon for 0.50)
Academix Pencil Sharpner Sale 0.37 (ecoupon .50)
Academix Invisible tape sale 0.69 (ecoupon 1.00)
Academix Binder clips sale 0.92 ( ecoupon 1.00)
Academix Protractor sale 0.50 (ecoupon 0.50)
Academix Eraser combo set sale 0.32 (ecoupon .50)

***Also don't forget to sign up for
E-Lowes coupons which is when you register online with Lowes Foods, You can select certain coupons for products that will download onto your card. As soon as you purchase that product and have your Lowes Food loyalty card scanned, the coupon will automatically come off your total. The great thing about these e-coupons is that you can stack them with manufacturer coupons also so you can double your saving sometimes. Also, Lowes is known to offer $5 off $25 or $10 off $50 purchase through these e-coupons (the total $25 or $50 is before coupons so that can really help out a bit too to bring down your total).


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